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I think you ought to get on America's Got Talent next year!
-Joanne, Davidsville, PA

A fantastic show in Johnstown! A truly memorable evening!
-Brian Vuletich, GM, WCRO Radio

What a pleasure it was to hear you last night. I heard so many wonderful comments. (A friend) sat behind me with a few of her friends. She had never heard you before. After your first song she tapped my shoulder and said, "I can't believe the tickets were only $19!" She gushed throughout the performance.
-Tim Rigby, Television Professional, Johnstown, PA

Thank YOU for inviting us! What a beautiful evening, and you are right….so peaceful and what great memories I had all evening. Mike is amazing! To come and sing in front of your hometown and family all by yourself…unbelievable! And his voice....no words to describe how beautiful. Definitely a gift from God, and how lovely that he realizes that gives credit where credit is due to God, family and friends. And the Anchor song and video….OMG! That was the only song I never heard before and I will never forget that performance!! 
-Lladel, Somerset, PA 

I've seen ALL the major performers through the years, and none of them are better than you!
-Frank, St. Clairsville, OH