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Legendary Love Songs & The Men Who Made Them Famous!

Legendary love songs and the men who made them famous will come alive during Michael Facciani’s production of TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME! Your memories will live again during this powerful tribute to the songs, largely of the 1960’s, that inspired romance in our lives. If you enjoyed songs like Spanish Eyes, Release Me, Galveston, Vaya Con Dios, and Return to Me, you’ll love Michael’s performance, produced in a brisk, radio magazine format, filled with visual memories honoring such soloists as Dean Martin, Robert Goulet, Al Martino, Eddie Fisher, Frank Sinatra, and Engelbert Humperdinck. You’ll be overtaken by a sea of fond remembrances!

TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME was inspired by Michael’s parents who love the music of the great age that will be revisited during this approximately 90 minute performance. They encouraged him to use his talent to bring these amazing songs back to life. For more than 30 years, Michael’s voice has been compared by audiences to the late Robert Goulet. When he first heard this comparison, Michael’s response was, “Who is Robert Goulet?” Jim Siehl, a retired 44 year newspaper veteran of The Tribune-Democrat, Johnstown, PA, also made the comparison stating, “During his powerful performance, I quickly noted the similarity his voice has with the late Robert Goulet, only bigger.”

You’ll need to prepare yourself if you’ve never heard Michael’s voice as he stands in a frame of only 5’ 6” and 170 pounds. Strange comments abound when audiences first witness his style that will feature, in places, shear vocal power. Michael’s favorite comment was received in Tampa, FL when a woman stated,
"If I had false teeth, they would have come flying out of my mouth when he began singing!” Most simply say, “How can a voice that big come out of a body that small!” Audiences are further miffed when they learn that Michael had a mere three total hours of professional vocal training, having no recognizable talent to sing until age 22.

“It’s been a love affair with my senior audiences” is Michael’s feeling in his well over 200,000 ground miles of travel in the last three years, largely to senior adult church audiences who encouraged him to continue utilizing his gift to sing. Michael’s senior friends “discovered” him during his travels as road manager for professional athletes who performed feats of strength in schools and churches across the country. He received standing ovations while featuring his renditions of great hymns during church offering times. Michael states, “TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME will be like "watching a "Casey Kasem show live" 
and will allow me to further ‘share the love’ with my friends who encouraged me.”